[Interview] The Power of TRUSTING your gut, BUILDING belief & going ALL IN w/ Jamie Kern Lima

February 25, 2021 Kacia Fitzgerald Episode 236
[Interview] The Power of TRUSTING your gut, BUILDING belief & going ALL IN w/ Jamie Kern Lima
Show Notes

Today’s interview is with Jamie Kern Lima who started a company you might have heard of called IT COSMETICS in her freaking LIVING room.

She then built it into the largest luxury makeup brand in the country, sold it to Loreal in a 2.1 BILLION DOLLAR deal becoming the first female CEO in its history. 

Safe to say she’s accomplished a TON in her career, but honestly… I think she’s just warming up on all the impact she's going to make!

What we talk about today is her brand new BOOK called, “BELIEVE IT” which is all about going from UNDERESTIMATED to UN-STOPABBLE, and honestly SUCH a powerful read.

This conversation is POWERFUL, & will leave you feeling SEEN, HEARD & UNDERSTOOD while also INSPIRED to take action and chase ALL of your dreams because no matter WHAT CURVEBALLS you’re dealt-- Jamie makes you understand the importance of why you JUST keep swinging. 

Can’t wait to hear what you think!! 


“Every single one of us has the power where if we share our stories, it helps someone else feel less alone, believe in themselves, and stop doubting themselves.”

“Sometimes the goal isn’t to build a huge business, maybe sometimes the goal is to grow and get strong enough to be able to handle anything on your journey”

“Everyone has that knowing inside them that they are meant to do great things” 

“If I got the YES when I thought I wanted it, I would have failed because I wasn’t ready for what would come with that yes” 

“Sometimes our most painful rejections are the ones we look back on and realize it was actually serendipitous grace wrapped in a package labeled painful rejection” 

“It is a lifelong journey to go from doubting we’re enough, to knowing we’re enough” 

we talk about what it FEELS like to want to poop your pants scared chasing your dreams, about building grit & resilience even when people don’t get it and your dreams. 

Check Jamie out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamiekernlima/?hl=en 

Her website: https://jamiekernlima.com/ 

Snag her incredible book: https://believeit.com/ 

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