[PEP TALK] If you STRUGGLE with asking for help this one’s for you!

September 25, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri
[PEP TALK] If you STRUGGLE with asking for help this one’s for you!
Show Notes

In today’s episode I want to have a juicy and RAW conversation about the NECESSITY for all of us to get better at asking for HELP. This is something I’ve recently been navigating and it’s something we all struggle with for different reasons, but I want to share with you in real time an example of how I’m navigating this season and leaning in to asking for help so you know you aren’t alone with this. Whether you have been struggling with the anxiety of doing it all, or you’re feeling a lack of grace and compassion with yourself, or the stories you’re telling yourself aren’t working anymore, or you’re having some negative self talk, I want to remind you that you aren’t alone, and this episode will give you some fresh perspective on the power of asking for help.

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