[PEP TALK] A powerful reminder to find the WHO not the "HOW"

July 31, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri Episode 505
[PEP TALK] A powerful reminder to find the WHO not the "HOW"
Show Notes

Today is a saucy episode around finding the WHO we need in our life to achieve our big dreams, rather than constantly trying to find the HOW. This is a powerful perspective that has helped me a ton as I am navigating a totally new season in my life, and knowing that the HOW is so much less important than the WHO when it comes to creating an environment that can SERVE us as we work towards our goals. So often we get worked up and overwhelmed asking ourselves “HOW” are we going to accomplish the things we want to accomplish, and I’ve found it so much more helpful to ask “WHO” do I need AROUND me to accomplish those things. I think you’re really going to vibe with this!

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