[PEP TALK} A RAW reminder; Don’t miss this! 🙏🏻

July 10, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri Episode 498
[PEP TALK} A RAW reminder; Don’t miss this! 🙏🏻
Show Notes

Today’s episode is a RAW conversation about navigating LIFE, and doing it on your OWN TIMELINE. So often we hear the noise of what OTHER PEOPLE think we should be doing with our life and WHEN, but I want you to feel PROUD of the path you're taking because you're doing it on your OWN timeline in a way that makes sense for YOU. If this is a tough season for you, or you’re feeling unsure of what’s next, I want to remind you that this season will not only SERVE you, but it will also make SENSE. I also want to remind you that even if you are going through a lot of change, there is still SO MUCH you can SOAK UP and be grateful for in this season. I think you’re really going to vibe with this episode!

&&& as mentioned in this episode: 

#1- We are excited to announce that Ashley Stahl & Natalie Ellis (co-founder of Boss Babe) will both be SPEAKERS at empowerHER LIVE! Ashley going to be doing a very TACTICAL workshop that will help you as an employee but also if you are an entrepreneur with how to utilize your SKILL set and build a business or career you TRULY love!!

& Natalie and I will be doing a SUPER raw podcast about building a business as a NEW mama (she has a 1 year old) + tips and tricks for community building as she has built BOSS BABE to be one of the largest brands in the women’s personal growth & business space! 

It’s going to be SO JUICY! 

If you haven’t snagged your ticket yet head join us while we still have early bird pricing!! Going up soon!! 

www.empowerherlive2023.com is where you can snag your ticket for this EPIC 3 day event! 

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