“Is this the RIGHT decision?”+ How I navigated a FEAR that held me back WAY too long

July 06, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri Episode 497
“Is this the RIGHT decision?”+ How I navigated a FEAR that held me back WAY too long
Show Notes

In today’s episode I want to share with you a surprising new way you can find out if you’re making the right decision that also feels in ALIGNMENT with what you want out of life. So often when we feel confused or uncertain with the direction we are heading, we look EXTERNALLY for answers, but I believe that often times we INTERNALLY and INTUITIVELY know the answer, we just need to ask ourselves better questions. This question is something I started asking myself lately when I was feeling unsure and navigating new fears and it’s given me so much more clarity, and I think it will really help you too!

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