[INTERVIEW] Using HUMAN DESIGN as a Roadmap to make DECISIONS for YOUR life PATH w/ Erin Claire Jones

February 15, 2024 Kacia Ghetmiri
[INTERVIEW] Using HUMAN DESIGN as a Roadmap to make DECISIONS for YOUR life PATH w/ Erin Claire Jones
Show Notes

Today’s episode is SO juicy! We have on Erin Claire Jones to share with us all about human design a topic I am SO obsessed with and I think you will be too! We really dive deep into how you can use Human Design as a unique roadmap to finding FLOW, making DECISIONS and really building your life in an aligned way!  

Erin is great at explaining this tool high level and breaking down the different types in human design, including manifesting generators, generators, projectors, manifestors, and reflectors and also highlights the importance of understanding your authority in decision-making and the significance of profile in shaping the way you UNIQUELY are supposed to make impact in this world.

This conversation is really SO insightful and emphasizes the importance of embracing our unique design and honoring our natural strengths, I truly cannot even WAIT to hear what you think!! 


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