Is “GOLD DIPPING” holding you back in a MASSIVE way?

January 08, 2024 Kacia Ghetmiri
Is “GOLD DIPPING” holding you back in a MASSIVE way?
Show Notes

In this episode, I brought on my friend Sam who of all my girlfriends I have some of the JUICIEST convos with to talk about a concept she coins”GOLD DIPPING”. It basically refers to avoiding or rationalizing issues that you KNOW you want to work on but pretend to not  in various areas of life. We talk about how to identify gold dipping in yourself and others, the dangers of avoiding problems, and the consequences of not taking action. We also discuss the importance of recognizing your own worthiness and ability to create an exceptional life in whatever area you choose. THIS one is JUICYYYYYY! Can’t wait to hear what you think? 


  • Gold dipping refers to avoiding or rationalizing issues in various areas of life.
  • It is important to identify and acknowledge areas where one is gold dipping.
  • Avoiding problems can lead to negative consequences and missed opportunities for growth.
  • Recognizing one's worthiness and taking responsibility are key to overcoming gold dipping.
  • Taking action and setting goals are essential for creating an exceptional life.

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