[INTERVIEW} Chase your BIG DREAMS, Build your NETWORK + Prioritize your RELATIONSHIPS w/Chris and Lori Harder

November 16, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri
[INTERVIEW} Chase your BIG DREAMS, Build your NETWORK + Prioritize your RELATIONSHIPS w/Chris and Lori Harder
Show Notes

Chris and Lori Harder joined us at the EmpowerHER Live event to chat all about relationships especially as you’re at the start of building massive dreams and feeling a little misunderstood by those around you. We're talking all about bringing a BIG vision to life and becoming the version of you that you see in your head - the REAL authentic you takes growth and change and investing in yourself in multiple ways. Chris and Lori share some incredible tips and stories for how they navigated the very beginning of their journey in entrepreneurship, and what they are doing now as they are building businesses that are stretching them to a whole new level!!


02:00 How do you navigate having a big vision your partner can’t see or understand yet?

06:45 Ways to help your partner know how to support and communicate with you best!

12:00 How have you built your own big dreams and supported each other side by side?

16:30 The power of finding what works best for YOU, your relationships and your life.

26:00 How to create the network you wish you were part of.

29:30 As you’re building massive businesses, who are you tapping into for support?

33:15 How to prioritize your relationship during busy seasons?

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