[INTERVIEW] Lessons from Oprah & OWNING that you’re WORTHY w/Jamie Kern Lima

November 02, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri
[INTERVIEW] Lessons from Oprah & OWNING that you’re WORTHY w/Jamie Kern Lima
Show Notes

You know that feeling in your gut that is telling you you’re meant for more? That feeling and inner knowing that you were meant to do big things is your worthiness. Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT COSMETICS spoke at empowerHER live again this year and I was somewhere between floating and feeling so pumped I could run through a wall after this conversation! My hope is that this episode does the same for you and serves as a reminder that you are worthy just as you are. There are also some fun stories Jamie shares for the first time ever from Oprah giving Jamie her phone number, & a funny encounter she had too! Make sure to pre-order Jamie’s book and join the free training Jamie and I are doing together! The proceeds of this book are going to charity and it would mean the world to us to show Jamie our support by ordering this book that is seriously going to be life changing for everyone who reads it! Cannot WAIT to hear what you think of this episode! 


01:30 What led to Oprah and Jamie Kern Lima’s Course together.

05:00 How do we work on strengthening our feelings of worthiness?

09:00 The difference between self confidence and self worth.

14:15 Are you the one in your family that knows you’re meant for more?

19:30 Ways to stop people pleasing and choose yourself first.

22:15 Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need the right mentor to succeed.

25:00 How to know what advice to take action on.

29:00 What I learned from P Diddy about being a lifelong student.

32:15 Why is it important on your journey to success to develop and NOT have instant gratification?

40:30 Positive or negative, nothing impacts your worthiness.

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