[PEP TALK] What if this IS a sign?!

January 23, 2023 Kacia Ghetmiri Episode 450
[PEP TALK] What if this IS a sign?!
Show Notes

Today we are diving into TRUSTING THE SIGNS that life gives you & I also really wanted to share with you a personal perspective on the thoughts we have that aren’t working for us, and how we can CHANGE OUR NARRATIVE in way that allows us to TAKE IN all the nudges life gives us as we seek CLARITY. 

Cuz truly can you IMAGINE how much more CALM you could feel internally if you could start to TRUST that our gut feelings and the signs that come with those are ACTUALLY REAL & working FOR us? 

Cant wait to hear what you think about this one! 

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& Sam’s journaling questions: 

- Where am I too attached to my ideas? (ego) 

- Am I responsive to cues in my environment?  (awareness) 

- Am I patient enough to trust the process? (faith) 

- Where am I operating from love (generosity) vs. where am I operating from fear (scarcity)? 

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